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Jeffreys Bay Volunteering

Working with the Children of J-Bay
Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in Africa? Are you a self-motivated worker with a heart for kids age 6-18? Then volunteer to help The Joshua Project brighten the lives of J-Bay's underpriviledged children.

Why Volunteer in Jeffreys Bay?

Make a real difference!
Your volunteering will help bring happiness, self-respect and joy to the children in the program, something which many of us take for granted, yet something these amazing kids are really in need of. The Eastern Cape is the poorest region of South Africa, and help from overseas is vital to uplift its people.

All money goes DIRECTLY to the project!
Ubuntu Volunteers is a different kind of volunteer program. Firstly, it is a fraction of the cost of many other volunteer initiatives, with 50% of money from volunteers going directly to assist the Joshua Project in bettering its program. Money could be used to buy art materials, sports equipment, help with the food kitchen etc. You as the volunteer will be able to have a say where your contribution is used. This is unique to Ubuntu Volunteers, as we take ZERO commission for facilitating the program..

Lots of Free Time!
Its not all work and no play! You will be expected to work 5 hrs a day, 5 days a week. The rest of the time is free for you to surf the world-famous waves, play with lions at the nearby sanctuary, take in the town, relax or do whatever you like! Its about having a good time in a new country, and making a difference.

Fun Excursions!
The Ubuntu staff arrange a fun trip every weekend to take in the many interesting places in our area. Lion Cub Sanctuary, Walking with Elephants, Sand-boarding, Surf Lessons, Bungy Jumping and much more!

Meet interesting people at Ubuntu!
Your accommodation during your trip will be at Ubuntu Lodge, where you will get to meet other cool people travelling through J-Bay.

Ubuntu Volunteers Info

Work Description
You will be working with children aged 4-16, helping the Joshua Project team with art classes, the sports and fitness program, the shelter's food hall as well as other areas where your help may be needed. These could be assisting with admin, keeping the centre tidy etc.

At Ubuntu Lodge you have the choice of either shared (dorm) rooms or private rooms. The guesthouse is ideally situated overlooking the beach, and all necessary shops and supermarkets are a 2 minute walk away. There is a big self-catering kitchen for you to prepare your own food, or you can sample the tasty delights of Ubuntu's hearty African dinners($7). You will also receive your own bicycle to whizz around town and to and fro from the Joshua Project.

This is a self-catering option to give the lowest possible price, with full kitchen facilities and several supermarkets in walking distance. Evening meals are often available from the Ubuntu Kitchen during Peak Season. Free Breakfast daily.

Project Costs
Included: Airport transfers (PE), bicycle, free surf lesson, all accommodation, financial contribution to project.
Not Included : Flight tickets, food and drinks, excursions.

Volunteer Jeffreys Bay South Africa|Surfing Volunteer Work Program|50% for the People|Volunteering South Africa