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How It Works

Directing money to people in need, helping develop projects, and partnering with existing social and environmental projects is the driving force behind our business.
50% Tours was developed as a program that does exactly what is implied by our business name; we give half of the money we generate to those who need it! That might seem like a tall order but here is how it works.

The entire cost of the program is payable to 50% For the People via paypal, but divided into two parts. The first half of your money goes to the tour costs of the adventure, i.e. the cost of petrol, van, driver, lodging, seeing the sights, food, and all other costs of operation, which is divided by the partners, etc. The other half of your money goes into the delivery of projects on the ground, i.e. building a house, an orphanage, paying for school materials, paint supplies, etc.

What is unique about 50% For the People is that you see your money in action in a much larger way than other volunteer organizations. Most touring and volunteer companies and programs must absorb and allocate large costs to advertising, administration, and those operations end up only giving small percentages to those programs they intend to help simply because their operations demand more to keep in operation. Because the partners of 50% For the People operate their own independent and successful businesses costs of the tour company remain low and we are able to give more. It is our belief that people want to see their money go directly to projects they help sponsor and not to a big corporation based outside of Africa.

Once arriving and working hard to change things for the better we want you to feel just as responsible as we do for where your money is going. Based on that belief, you are offered the responsibility of telling us where you want your 50% of the money to go. We hope you learn first hand the difficulties and successes of volunteering abroad and we trust you will gain a more realistic experience of what it is like to do meaningful work with NGOs and other concerned citizens. We only ask that you truly listen to those in the respective organizations you volunteer for, work with others collectively in your volunteer group, and if problems arise work peacefully with each other for a resolution that works for the people. After all that is why we are in this business, For the People!

Kids enjoying art class at the Joshua Project
Art Classes provide creativity and build self-worth for the underpriviledged kids

How It Works|South Africa VolunteerWork Program|50% for the People|Volunteering South Africa