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About 50% For The People


Despite the end of Apartheid twelve years ago, marginalized populations in South Africa continue to live deplorable conditions. Especially vulnerable are orphaned children, whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS. Meanwhile, people eager to help look for a meaningful way to contribute to sustainable development in South Africa, and end up finding only volunteer programs that invest tiny percentages of the volunteer’s financial contribution in community projects. Volunteers participating in these programs may, with difficulty, organize their own travel within South Africa, or relent and pay for overpriced tours.

Adam from Hobbit Homes

50% For the People does what it says. 50 per cent of volunteers’ money directly to the community projects that you as a volunteer will work with. People who choose 50%FTP have the opportunity to learn natural building techniques and build homes and orphanages in marginalized communities across the country. The opportunity to work specifically with children is also part of the itinerary.

By arriving in Cape Town and concluding in Durban, participants are able to travel a large part of South Africa without backtracking and always while working on

South African shanty house

development projects. South Africa’s must-sees are included in the cost of the tour like visits to Table Mountain, Garden Route, elephant sanctuary and much more. Participants of 50%FTP can have fun and enjoy beautiful South Africa without compromising their contribution to community development.

African Sunset

Statement of the Problem:

1. Existing volunteer programs that send volunteers to South Africa give only a very small percentage of the volunteer’s money to South African community development projects.

2. Existing volunteer programs do not provide volunteers with an affordable travel experience in addition to volunteer work.

3. A great number of South Africans lack sustainable housing; orphaned children are the most vulnerable.

Proposed Solutions:

50% For The People provides an ethical and easy solution to people who want to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development in South Africa while having a great time.

50% For The People is unique because it offers:

1. A chance to learn how to build using natural materials, and to participate in building homes and an orphanage for marginalized people in South Africa.

2. A chance to travel and experience the many attractions of South Africa (arrival in Cape Town, travel along the East Coast, travel to Keimouth, ending Durban) without backtracking and at a cost on par with independent travel.

3. A far higher percentage of tour participants’ money going to local projects than any other tour company.

In order to achieve the above, 50% For The People partners with Hobbit Homes, a natural building company with successful projects in South Africa, Chill & Surf Backpackers, experts in accommodation and tours, Ubuntu Lodge in Jeffrey's Bay and the Earth Rising Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that promotes and supports sustainable futures for orphans in South Africa.

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